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Since 1989 The Edge Products has been the innovator & world leader in lightweight mini buggy design. Years of Research & Development have resulted in Bullet-proof dune buggy designs that are affordable to build & Fun to drive.

You can build an off road vehicle yourself by purchasing comprehensive 3D CAD buggy plans from This gives you the drawings, dimensions of every part that needs to be made, along with cutting lists, material lists and nuts & bolts lists.

We aim to be the one stop shop for offroad vehicle enthusiast offering parts and accessories for everything from small offroad go karts right through to the high performance long travel suspension Barracuda buggy and everything in between.

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Featured Products
Our Flagship Buggy - The Barracuda
The Barracuda has taken the Mini buggy concept to a whole new level of technical advancement & sophistication. More than 17 years of mini buggy design, development & thousands of buggies manufactured has resulted in the Barracuda, a lean & aggressive long travel buggy that you can build yourself.
Plans For All Vehicles Available For Immediate Download
Plans for all Edge Products vehicles can be purchased through and downloaded in PDF format immediately after checkout. Plans include details 3D CAD drawings, cutting lists and more to ensure a smooth and intuitive build process.
Custom Exhausts
The Edge are currently offering custom made Hayabusa exhaust systems for a limited time. 4 into 2 into 1, fits standard Barracuda engine bay.
PIRCV Suspension

If your into big bike power like the awesome Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 or the evil Kawasaki ZX12R you need a tough & dependable driveline.

Super tough components such as Porsche 930 CV’s, combined with massive ball race bearings makes this driveline bullet proof.


PIRCV rear drive assembly ready to bolt in. Upgrade version with 312mm floating rotor, big caliper. 60 tooth sprocket has a new locking & drive mechanism to handle more stress such as higher horsepower engines & bigger wheels.

$863.64 (ex tax)

Gas filled, heavy duty, 12mm coil springs adjustable pre load, rebuildable. various sizes available.

from $313.64 (ex tax)

Front brake kit. Includes: 2 x Alloy hubs, 2 x stub axles, 2 x rotors, 2 x calipers, 1 x brake pedal box, 1 x pair ofhoses, bearings & seals & double banjo bolt. Everything required to setup front brakes on your buggy


$618.64 (ex tax)

Other Products
Wheels & Tyres
Edge Products carry a large range of offroad wheels and tyres aimed at the ATV/Dune Buggy/Sandrail enthusiast.

Tyre Range Includes:

  • Turf 16" - 18"
  • Front Max 20" - 22"
  • Bearclaw 22" - 26"
  • Sand Paddles 20"

Rims in sizes from  8x7" to 12x10.5"


A Range Of Vehicles
Whether you are looking for a father-son project, or perhaps starting out in the offroad scene, Edge Products has a buggy just for you.
International Shipping ? No Problem.

No matter if you are just down the road, or on the other side of the globe, Edge Products will organise the most convenient and cost effective shipping for your order.

Taking each order on a case-by-case basis we determine the best method of shipment by selecting the appropriate freight company and shipping method.

Each order is packed carefully to ensure that you receive your order in the same condition it left our factory.